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2014 – ….

Under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture 2017

“apo”  = from

“geo” = earth

apogeos = from-the-earth

Apogeos is a dance that is being built while danced. People that commune this language are also defining and forming it at that particular moment and at that specific place. Apogeos attempts to be a dance beyond motifs and shapes but rather a path for the creation of a dance “state” and “society” (from socius = companion). Dance has the power to create communication and societies.

The research is exploring the dancer’s kinesiology and those intangible characteristics that transform kinetic actions into dance acts, as the uniqueness of each dancer and the interaction with the surrounding space and others, during the process of synthesis . The research led to the creation of the homonymous dance practice, a method for improvisation, dance teaching and choreography.

When applied to choreography Apogeos aims to create “dance societies”. Society (from socius) as a group co-creation, through the opening of instant choice making inside a frame of patterns, motifs and space structures.

Examples of practice tools:

Fill – empty

Push – let go




Performances (based on the research)

Commun 2020

Apogeos – a variation 2019

Boreades 2018-2019

Apogeos 2016-2017

Apogeos Research is supported by

Hellenic Ministry of Culture

Reon non-profit artistic company

Professional Dance Schools of Athens & Ioannina

Scholars, artists, academics


2020 (September)

BIRCA – Bækkelund International Residency Center for Artists – Island Connect Residency Program, Denmark

2019 (March-April)

DeVIR/CAPa- Centro de Artes Performativas do Algavre, Portugal – 

2018 (June)

TRY! Residencies, Tipperary Dance Platform, Ireland 

2017 (September)

Baobab Art Center, Ioannina, February

December 2015 –  June 2016

Duncan Dance Research Center Athens