reon productions


The theatrical team (director – Orestis Tatsis) select theatrical plays and adaptations of literary works that have never before been presented to the Greek audience. Their main focus is in supporting modern Greek dramaturgy.

Creo Dance Company

The Athens based modern dance company, choreographed by Polina Kremasta, has participated in a number of International Dance Festivals and Residencies. Featuring the human body as the foremost element of a performance is what lies at the core of their work as well as supporting new artists.


Apogeos research is an exploration on dancers’ movement and those disembodied elements that transform movement actions to dance actions. The Apogeos research lead to the Apogeos dance practice, a method to improvise, to teach and to choreograph.

International collaborations

Reon meets artists and creators from all over the world through European and International Programs.


Reon in collaboration with other organisations and groups organizes performances (theatrical, dance, etc.) giving priority to the support of young creators and performers.


Our team designs, plans and creates educational programs, seminars, workshops, lectures and artistic events.

Who we are

Reon members’ and collaborators.


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