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The tree that loved

What does a person need to be happy?

Το δέντρο που αγαπούσε

Two girls meet on a train, they become friends and start playing. Through their game they transform into the heroes of a fairytale, a tree and a boy. While playing they discover the paths of friendship, love, giving, adulthood and nature’s generosity to people. They also come face to face with decay caused by the passing of time, man’s greed against nature, loneliness and ultimately with reality itself and all its intricacies. Truth gets entangled with fantasy as the train carries on on its long journey.


Writers: ViDa Theater Group

Director / Lighting: Orestis Tatsis

Original Score: Makis Papagavriil

Set-Costume Design: Elli Papadaki

Movement: Thenia Antoniadou

Animations/Graphics: Nikolaia Genigeorgiou

Printed Material Design: Smaragda Kafetzi

Production: REON Civil Non-profit Company

Actors: Viki Kalpaka, Dafni Kafetzi