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the tootsie

Dimitris Tsekouras

η μπέμπα

The main subject is the Woman. Dimitris Tsekouras’ unique writing style has her travelling through time – in reverse. Nine images guide us through this travel, each of them unique, integral to the next, special in a future that has already come to pass.

The first image acts as the starting point for a journey with eight stops in which our heroine meets herself at eight different ages. The old woman becomes the tootsie once more, mumbling her “indicepharable”, timeless words.


Directed by Orestis Tatsis

With Natalia Stylianou


Set and costume design: Constantinos Zamanis

music and sound design: Thodoris Ampazis

movement – assistant director: Polina Kremasta

light design: Sofia Alexiadou