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The Castle

Franz Kafka

Ο Πύργος

A mister K. arrives at a village that is governed by a Castle. He believes he has been hired as a Land Surveyor, a belief that is soon proven to be just a false expectation since the request that brought him there was a mistake of the otherwise ineffable management. Mr K. is a stranger in this new place but tries his best to fit in and understand how this irrational bureaucracy works. He keeps trying despite the constant obstacles, putting in an almost incomprehensible effort. Is he resisting or has he already submitted? No one can answer that.


Translation: Vasilis Pateras*

Adaptation: Elsa Andrianou**

Director: Orestis Tatsis

Set Design: Constantinos Zamanis

Costume Design: Elli Papadaki

Lighting Design: Melina Mascha

Movement: Polina Kremasta

Composition: Kostas Lolos – Kostas Stergiou

Assistant Directors: Ilektra Maggina – Theodora Georgakopoulou

Set Construction: Lefteris Vourekas

Photographer: Giannis Zindrilis

Printed Material Design/Promo trailer: Panagiotis Andrianos

Make up Artist: Vasiliki Kita

Communications: Aris Asproulis


* “Ο Πύργος”, published by “PRINTA-ROES” Editions.

** Both the cast and director contributed to the adaptation. It has been published in the magazine “to Erma”.



K. : Nikos Gialelis

Schwarzer, Barnabas: Dimitris Miliotis

Assistant/s, Bürgel: Iakovos Mindrinos

Frieda, Amalia: Semina Panigiropoulou

Landlord of the Bridge Inn/Count’s Inn: Natalia Stilianou

Olga, Pepi: Ligeri Tampakopoulou

Mayor, Teacher, Momus, Erlanger: Aris Troupakis