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Terminal Station

by Konstantinos D. Tzamiotis at 104 Theater

Τερματικός σταθμός

We’re in a railway carriage. Four passengers. Four different meetings on the same carriage, in the same seat, on the same journey. The same strange passenger always starts the conversation, playing a different game with each one of them, urging them to share a secret of their lives.

A play about the missing zest for life, the lack of self-reflection and the deep losses on our journeys. Written by Konstantinos D. Tzamiotis, a nominee for the Prize for Novel at the State Literary Awards.


Director’s note:

Unwitting passengers on a journey we didn’t choose. Affirming each Οther’s existence by plucking the chords of our sensitivity. We walk side by side, yet so alone, when we could just reach out and change the route. Closeness and distance is never a matter of place.

Orestis Tatsis


Director: Orestis Tatsis

Set-Costume Design: Constantinos Zamanis

Music: Petros Malamas

Movement: Polina Kremasta

Lighting: Thomas Oikonomakos

Assistant Director: Spyridoula Vana

Set Design Assistant: Ioanna Lisgara

Promo Material Photography: Anna Tagkalou



Passenger A: Panagiotis Ksenakis

Passenger B: Aris Tsampalikas

Passenger C: Dionysia Sakellariou

Passenger D: Stelios Patsias