Theater Template

One very simple job

by Konstantinos D. Tzamiotis at Mavromichali Studio

Μια εξαιρετικά απλή δουλειά

An unexpected visit disturbs a taxidermist’s everyday routine. Efstratios Efthimiou, despite being a seasoned professional, is faced with an unusual situation. Something quite uncommon that forces him to unravel his thoughts and leads him to a deep confession accompanied by the sounds of his workshop radio.

A play about the missing zest for life, a deep confession about the meaning of duty and creativity and at the same time an allegorical comment on the balance between stability and the need for change.


Director: Orestis Tatsis

Set-Costume Design: Kostas Gravos

Lighting: Vaggelis Nanos

Music Supervisor/Radio producer: Thaleia Karamolegkou

Sound Engineer: Giannis Skandamis

Reading: Stathis Kokkoris

Set Construction: Lefteris Vourekas, Kostas Gravos

Lookalike construction: Vasiliki Kita

Photographer/teaser: Christos Petropoulos

Printed Material Design: Lamproula Nikolopoulou

Dimitris Miliotis plays the part of Efstratios Efthimiou