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Madame de Sade

Yukio Mishima

Μαρκησία ντε Σάντ

The play takes us through two historical events happening at the same time: Marquis de Sade’s longtime imprisonment, a result of accusations of immoral sexual practices, and the years before the start of the French Revolution as well as the first months after its outbreak.

With the French Revolution as the backdrop, an event that was to change the western world, Mishima brings together six women, six different personalities, on a conversation about ethics, morals, societal norms and freedom. While Marquis de Sade never actually appears in the play, his extreme and noncomformist personality acts as the ideal catalyst that brings Mishima’s six heroines to a clash while striving to discern the limit between prudishness and dignity.


Creation Team

Translation: Panagiotis Evangelidis

Dramaturgy: Dimitris Tsekouras – Orestis Tatsis

Director: Orestis Tatsis

Set Design: Constantinos Zamanis

Costume Design: Bianca Nikolareizi

Lighting: Lefteris Pavlopoulos

Music: Tilemachos Mousas

Assistant Director: Stelios Patsias



Baroness Simiane: Panos Rokidis

Comtesse De Saint-Fond: Anatoli Athanasiadou

Charlotte: Dafni Kafetzi

Madame Montreille, Renée’s mother: Maria Tsima

Renée, Madame de Sade: Eleni Kalara

Anne, Renée’s younger sister: Viki Kalpaka


SFENDONI Theater, Makri 4, Athens, Metro Station Akropolis

Tel. 2109246692