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Exiles in Athens

Based on the novel “Crisis” by Arkadios Leykos

Μια εξαιρετικά απλή δουλειά

The play sarcastically and comically depicts a couple’s existential and economic deadend. A man and a woman narrate their life in Athens at a familiar time when wages were akin to tips and marital relationships resembled battlefields. By depicting the social reality of the inter-war period the play sheds an unexpectedly cynical light on our own era.

The play, written in 1934, caused an uproar when published as it expressed the tragedy of the commoner during the hard social conditions of the time. 80 odd years later, armed with humor and simplicity, it still rings timelessly and disarmingly true.


Director: Orestis Tatsis

Dramaturgy: Orestis Tatsis, Natalia Stylianou, Stathis Kokkoris

Set-Costume Design: Constantinos Zamanis

Music: Petros Malamas

Lighting: Vaggelis Nanos – Orestis Tatsis

Assistant Director: Semina Panigiropoulou

Photographer: Giannis Zindrilis

Communications: Aris Asproulis

Actors: Natalia, Stylianou, Stathis Kokkoris