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What if / would you

What if / would you


“Under conditions of tyranny it is far easier to act than to think”

Hannah Arendt


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A project created in open spaces with the contribution of many artistsand passing by people.

What if you didn’t have anything to say, would you still start a conversation?

What if you were afraid, would you still take the first step?

What if you really wanted something, would you go after it?

What if you didn’t have any guarantees, would you still act?

** the performance was the stimuli and inspiration of the creation of the educational project “Skytali” (relay)


Concept – Choreography: Polina Kremasta & the company

Dancers: Polina Kremasta, Aria Mpoumpaki, Angeliki Dalangeli, Dionisia Basta, Giannis Stavropoulos, Alexandros Laskaratos

Live music: Apostolos Leventopoulos

Lighting design: Thomas Economacos

Photos: Anna Tangkalou



Duncan Dance Research Center Athens

11th Dance Festival of the Association of Greek choreographers

1st Street Performance Festival Ioannina

Theater “Anna Sinodinou”, Vyronas, Athens

Mpenaki Museum , Athens

20th Kalamata’s International Dance Festival


With the support of

Duncan Dance Research Center Athens

Reon Artistic Company

Mpenaki Museum, Athens