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Performance IN[A]HABIT was realized at the Synchrono Theater in Athens, Greece, between 1- to 6 of June 2022. With the financial support of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture.

«Full of merit, yet poetically, man dwells on this earth»

Friedrich Hölderlin

The performance “IN[A]HABIT” is a space-creating coexistence of the art of dance, scenography and music. In[a]habit seeks the human state and habitation, through the exploration of the familiar and a play with the unfamiliar. The dancers’ bodies are forming and being formed by a river made out of paper, which flows from an endless source of production and they converse with the potentialities and possibilities that it offers to them. They co-create landscapes and appropriate them, by experimenting, destroying, provoking and inviting surprise, playing, enjoying.

The pun in the title “in (a) habit” reveals an openness to different interpretations. The “in” defines a place, while the “one” (a) implies an ambiguity, leaving room for the “other”. Then the word “habit” (habit) becomes free and poetic. In the same way the energy of the «inhabit» appears. The performers as well as the rest of the team members embody this energy and get re-enchanted by its fluctuations. Inhabit means I am present; I belong through acts of appropriation. Between the bodies and the matter, music and sound inhabit and are inhabited, proposing and revealing invisible ritual landscapes.


Choreographer’s Note

“As dancers, we perceive the world through the body, we inhabit space and time in and through the body. The aim was to find the material that would unfold and envelop the physical state. A material that will not suggest only absolute space, but one that will co-create space and ways in collaboration with the bodies. A kinetic, potential materiality that will transform bodies into creators and at the same time into receivers, listeners, observers. A harmony of alteration. This material is paper for us. Its fluid and vivid sculptural ability, its compliance, but also its disobedience, always leave an excess of possibilities, which keep the inspiration alert. Choreography, music and scenography turn the inanimate into living, the definite into the multiple and vice versa.”


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Choreography: Polina Kremasta

Stage Design / Costumes: Andreas Skourtis

Original musical composition: Babis Papadopoulos

Performers: Eriketi Andreadaki, Thenia Antoniadou, George Vassilopoulos, Nikos Grigoriadis, Vasia Zorbali

Lighting design: Melina Mascha

Stage construction: Vassilis Keferlis

Graphic design / photo / video: Panagiotis Andrianos

First assistant choreographer: Thenia Antoniadou

Second assistant choreographer: Sissy Marmaritsaki

Communication Manager: Aris Asproulis

Production organization: Orestis Tatsis Reon MAKE