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“The performance is an improvisational wandering. The aim is to discover the challenge of the moment and the predominance of the unconscious. The dancer is constantly fighting with herself to enter the known and welcome the unknown. The flow and the pause, the body that is transforming, that enjoys or fails. The space includes me and I surround it.”

Polina Kremasta


“No one knows if the city takes us to walk, or the path or our own body. Space and dance become one. This quest or otherwise wandering, certainly has no end, the viewer is left to renegotiate, to ignore, to think or to just feel it. The flâneur is none other than the Baptist, the one who is asked to name the artwork. Naming means bring to reality. ”

Orestes Tatsis / consultant of dramaturgy


|The performance took place in different venues and in the collaboration with various musicians. |


Choreography & performer: Polina Kremasta

Consultant of dramaturgy: Orestis Tatsis

Musicians: Babis Papadopoulos, Apostolos Leventopoulos, Giorgos Tamiolakis, Nuno Aroso (among many)

Light design: Thomas Economacos

Photos: Anna Tangalou

Graphics: Panagiotis Andrianos



theaters, outdoors, museums, abandoned buildings, etc. :

Bali Theater (Municipality Theater) of Patra

Duncan Dance Research Center Athens

12th and 13th Dance Festival of the Association of Greek choreographers

Athens Video Dance Project Festival

Kipou Theater, Thessaloniki

Open market, Ioannina


With the support of:

Municipality of Patras

Duncan Dance Research Center

Reon nonprofit Artistic Company



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