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Ceci n’est pas un siège

Ceci n’est pas un siège


State grant by the Hellenic National Center of Theater and Dance



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The company, embarking on a research path, is attempting to uncover the motor functions through challenging what has been mastered and is taken for granted by the dancer. It introduces a symbol as a new given and it narrates its exploration and conquest. A chair becomes necessary for the dancer’s every movement; without it they cannot stand, move or even be.

The absence of the given causes its revelation, because, as Wittgenstein states “the most important aspects always stay hidden from us due to their simplicity and intimacy. You are unable to observe something because it is always there in front of you” or as Heracletus laconically points out “Nature loves to hide itself “.

The performance is based on a research conducted by the choreographer, inspired by the book of Oliver Sacks “the man who mistook his wife with a hat”.


Research – Choreographer: Polina Kremasta

Dancers: Polina Kremasta, Giannis Stavropoulos

Scenography-costumes: Sofia Chouliara

Lighting design: Sofia Alexiadou & Orestis Tatsis

Original music by: Giorgos Gergos & Dimitris Tzitzis

Dramaturgy consultant: Orestis Tatsis

Constructions: Giorgos Kiriakakis



Kinitiras Artistic Residency Center, Athens)

9th Dance Festival of the Association of Greek choreographers

ContAct Art festival, Thessaloniki

Insoliti International Dance Festival, Turin, Italy



Hellenic National Center of Theater and Dance

Project Koinos Topos

Artistic Residency Centre Kinitiras

Reon nonprofit Artistic Company



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