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Track is a research on the natural and musical properties of sound and its interaction with the moving body and the architectural space. The dancer and the musician propose and create sonic images, manage the generated event and exchange roles.

Track was initiated by Giorgos Amentas and Polina Kremasta and has already been represented through performances: “Track 00” & “Track 01” & “Track02” & “Track 03”.

For the purpose of this research we constructed a foldable floor of 9 pieces which is transformed into a peculiar musical instrument by using sensors on it.



Athens Video Dance Project, January 2015

Baumstrasse, June 2015

Chorochronos dance space, June 2017, September 2017


Visual links:

Track 00 on Vimeo | TRACK 03 on Vimeo


Sound links:

track 00 (tuning fork 01) by Giorgos Amentas (

Track 00_Intro_Baumstrasse by Giorgos Amentas | Free Listening on SoundCloud



Concept – Idea: Giorgos Amentas

Performers – Music: Polina Kremasta & Giorgos Amentas (also: Paolo Cingolani )

Design & Floor construction: Kostas Gravos & Giorgos Konstantis

Light designs: Thomas Economacos, Camilo Bentancor

Sound Technician: Federico Bustamante, Vaggelis Nanos

Photos: woofs, Michalis Kloukinas

Video: Chrysanthi Badeka


Supported by



AVDP (Athnes Video Dance Project)

Duncan Dance Research Center

Studio Peanieon