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Now is Now collective

Now is Now is a collective of dancers and musicians coming from Greece, Italy, France, Switzerland. The group’s practice is based on improvisation and their research is oriented towards the relations between dance and music, the body of the musician and the musicality of the dancer. They co-create instant composition performances. The project was an initiative of Dafni Stefanou.


en écoute

‘don’t take it too seriously

don’t take it too little seriously

All is dance

All is music

All is a painting’



Jonas Kocher (classic accordion)

Ilan Manuach (soprano saxophone)

Marion Renard (soprano saxophone)

Giorgos Amentas (electric bass)

Guido de Flaviis (saxophones)



Vanessa Spinasa

Vasiliki Tsagkari

Polina Kremasta

Giorgos Amentas

Marion Renard

Dafni Stefanou


Venues of Performances

Duncan Dance Research Center Athens – February 2014

M.Kakogiannis Foundation Theater – June 2014




supported by:

Duncan Dance Research Center Athens