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mAPs – migrating Artists Project

mAPs – migrating Artists Project

mAPs – migrating Artists Project – is a transmedia cooperation project between five European countries aiming to support and mentor professional, experienced artists through the production and dissemination of high standard screendance projects, with a commitment to strong ethical values, questioning contemporary societal issues and involving communities into creative processes, every step of the way.

An international project aiming to produce dance films addressing societal issues able to reachout for mass audiences through online platforms, TV channels and cinemas.

The first mAPs collection supported by Creative Europe will target the theme of Power and be composed of four shorts and one documentary.

The 5 films of our first mAPs collection could be screened as a series or as a unique chaptered content of 90 minutes around the theme, boosting Social Dance Films as a real innovative genre into the international market.

mAPs will be developed on the period 2019-2022 with the support of Creative Europe programme by its co-founders:

COORPI / Italy
MØZ / Greece




Reon nonprofit Artistic Company is one of the many partners sharing to the same values and goals, and committed to challenge with mAPs Dance and Cinema in Europe!


mAPs international jury has been working hard from 7th to 9th of February in the scope of mAPs parternship with Clermont ISFF. Here are the exciting teams that will create the 4 shorts dance films for mAPs collection about POWER!



Finland / Power • Environment –
Climate Crisis and Strategies of Power

France / Power • Identities –
Influencers and Casualties of Power

Germany / Power • Process –
Documentary and Analyzing Creative Processes

Greece / Power • Mutations –
Transformation through Power

Italy / Power • Data –
Digital Supremacy and New Technologies of Power